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This tool is a handy Windows startup management solution
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Chameleon Startup Manager is a powerful utility that gives you full control over which programs run at Windows startup. Stopping programs from starting at the same time with the Windows system can improve the overall Windows startup speed. Unfortunately, performing this task manually is quite difficult, as it requires experience or advanced computer operating knowledge. The good news is that by using Chameleon Startup Manager, this task gets to be very simple and easy, and it can be performed by anyone.

Chameleon Startup Manager is not only an easy-to-use tool that comes with a very neat, simple and intuitive interface, but also a powerful application that offers a lot of handy features, functions and options. For example, it lets you configure a fixed or automatic delayed startup for certain programs. There’s no need to remove them completely from the Windows startup in order to improve the system startup speed, you can use this function and only delay their startup.

Another great thing about Chameleon Startup Manager is that it features real-time monitoring of the startup in order to notify you as soon as a program adds itself to the startup list. Therefore keeping a close eye on the startup list gets really easy. Customizable launch conditions and parameters, black lists, or personalized startup configurations are also supported. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider this tool as being one of the best solutions if you need to control the system startup entries.

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  • Customizable interface (supports themes)
  • Easy-to-use
  • Allows delaying the startup of specific programs


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