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A reliable program that will help you manage your startup programs list
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Generally, keeping a close eye on the programs in your startup list will pay off, as it can drastically reduce the time your Windows takes to load. Chameleon Startup Manager offers an effective solution for doing exactly that.

The first thing that impressed me about this application is that it offers to create a system recovery point during its installation. This means that if you end up disabling the wrong applications, you can always return to the original state of your system.

Chameleon Startup Manager displays a list with all the applications present on your Windows startup list. You can also get details such as their location on your hard disk or their memory usage. Furthermore, it categorizes the entries by the users that installed them, or their registry entries.

The thing that I liked the most about this application is that it allows you to delay the launching of any application on your startup list. This is great as it will allow users to optimize the startup of their operating systems. What’s even better, the application can even delay itself, thus offering as many resources as possible to your Windows.

In conclusion, Chameleon Startup Manager is a tool that I recommend. The program is easy-to use, effective and it’s not too expensive, so it has all the qualities it needs to be a viable solution.

Sean O'Reilly
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Review summary


  • Helps you create a system restore point during its installation
  • Helps you delay the startup of any program
  • Can displays the startup programs for each Widnows user
  • It allows you to reduce its own priority while your other startup applications load


  • It doesn't allow you to keep a program "banned" from the startup list
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